Florian Backmeier

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Creating applications of every size from the beginning to the end.

I support a project in every status and like to get a good overview of it technically as well as from marketing perspective to reach all goals.
I use Javascript (Angular, React), CSS, Java (Spring), PHP (Symfony, Joomla, Wordpress) and have a good knowledge of CI/CD or in general docker/servers.
Code quality and coding standards are important to me and I'd like to do/have code reviews, have a good code test coverage and automatic checks of commits (linting, testing, building).
I like to work agile, support team exchanges in a project and like to share my knowlegde.

About me


Florian Backmeier



October 2011 - December 2018

Senior Product Engineer

Webhosting company (small, 75 clients)

October 2008 - September 2015



Master of Science - Computer Science and Business Management

October 2015 - November 2017

NORDAKADEMIE Hochschule der Wirtschaft

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science and Business Management

October 2011 - March 2015

NORDAKADEMIE Hochschule der Wirtschaft





Get in contact

Just write me an email:


or call me 0151 / 21 808 416

Most of my social profiles are outdated (github, linkedIn, ..). Just contact me directly.


Florian Backmeier
Anton-Saefkow-Platz 8
10369 Berlin

Telefon: 0151 / 21 808 416

E-Mail: info@florianbackmeier.de

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